How much good sleep do I need?

How much good sleep do I need?

What will keep your mind and body healthy? Of course, good sleep. 

The real question is how much sleep should you get? Some may say 4 hours a day, some may say 6 hours a day.  Most agree on 8 hours a day. 

The truth is, adults need a good amount of 7 hours or more of good sleep. You should have a regular schedule and add in your 7 hours of sleep.

Its easier said than done right. You get in bed, you toss, you turn, you scroll on social media and then you finally fall asleep. But that only average about 5 hours, not 7 or more. 

Did you know taking a sleep vitamin at the same schedule sleep time every day will help your body maintain a routine sleep schedule? It's like training for the Olympics but instead its for a good night sleep. 

I would take a Better Rebuild Sleep Well Vitamin 15 minutes before I wanted to go to sleep. Then I would lay in bed and scroll on social media. Before I knew it, I would be asleep. Waking up was refreshing. The sleep Well Vitamin has other essential vitamin supplements as well. So your not just sleeping. Your getting a healthy sleep as well.

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Happy Sleeping.