How to make my hair grow?

healthy hair

Everyone wants longer, healthier hair. But we try to figure out, what is the secret?

The biggest secret is a healthy body. Healthy Body = Healthy hair. 

Hair is primarily made of a protein called Keratin. There are different Amino Acids that build Keratin. I bet you are wondering how and where to get these amino acids. Collagen contains certain Amino Acids that build Keratin.

Hair <--- Dermis <--- Collagen <--- Amino Acid <--- Keratin

Hair is made up of Keratin.

Keratin has Amino Acids.

Amino Acids ca be found in Collagen.

Collagen builds Dermis.

Dermis grows Healthy Hair. 

Taking Collagen has results showing improvement of healthier hair. Healthier hair can only mean growth.

So how to grow healthier hair? Collagen

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