Nutrition Labels

Nutrition Labels

My Trainer said "Don't forget to count your calories." I remember thinking, How am I supposed to know how many calories is in everything I eat.

The Nutrition label of course. So I started reading the nutrition label on the back of everything I ate. But what was everything else on the label?

I am here to help you track all your healthy nutrients. Not just your calories.

The first thing we do is check the the calories. This is important when it comes to your diet or weight gain goals. How much or how less of calories you intake determines if you will meet your goals.

Then check the sodium. Look at how many milligrams it contains. Your goal should be less than 1,500mg.

Always look at the extra ingredients. You want to try to limit added sugars. No more than 5% of total calories. 

Now you have learned to read the nutrition label. Now all you have to do is download My Fitness pal and input your food intake there and have them calculate it for you. 

Happy Healthy Eating.