Too Much Isn't Enough

Too Much Isn't Enough

Yall ever hear that saying that too much of something is bad. But not enough of something is even worse?

In my case, too much isn't enough. I have been on a healthy high lately. Meaning, I am eating healthy food, I am exercising and taking my vitamins. I have tracked my calories and even measured my weight. 

I attempted to meal prep and made sure I did the correct amount if protein percent so I would not have too much.

Then I went to the doctor. I was so excited to tell her about my healthy journey. I mentioned to her everything I was doing and did. She was excited too.

So now it is results time. She took some blood. Even though I don't have much. She checked my blood pressure and pricked my finger. 

The results concluded, I did too much and it wasn't enough. My blood pressure was up, my iron was low and I was below weight. 

Apparently, being healthy meant more than just eating healthy and taking vitamins.

Secrets to maintaining a healthy life:

  • Limit unhealthy food
  • Drink water, limit sugar
  • Take Better Rebuild Multivitamins
  • measure and watch your weight
  • Exercise
  • Get Good Sleep
  • Find ways to manage stress better
  • Limit alcohol

Since I'm on a healthy high journey, it is time to utilize these secrets and try for better results next time.

Happy Healthy lifestyle.