Why do my Joints Hurt?

Why do my Joints Hurt?

There I was running around the house with a 3 year old (that was my workout for today). Anyway, he asked me to pick up his ball. As I went to bend to down, I felt a pop in my knees and a sharp pain in my hip.

Now, I'm only young. So why do my joints hurt?

I realized, running  was cardio but I needed to workout everything else. Mind you, I am a little on the lazy side. So I improvised.

Let's workout our joints.

Side Leg Raises - Turn on your Television, lay on your bed, on your side and lift one leg at a time. Remember to rotate sides during commercial breaks.

Sumo Squat - Hold a milkshake in Both hands, keep your back straight, upper body tall, push knees outward as you squat. When you are in squat position, drink your milkshake. Continue the exercise until your milk shake is gone. 

I did these two workouts 3 times a week and remembered to take a Better Rebuild Joint Support Gummy every day. Now when I bend, the only outcome is trying to figure out how to get back up.

Happy Healthy Lazy Exercising.


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